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Attend designs, implements and proposes a range of services that fully integrate the needs of a Corporate Event with emphasis on “Green Events” for environmental protection.


Conferences, Annual Gatherings

Organizing High demand Corporate events, Conferences etc., is an invitation and a challenge for Attend to offer a unique experience based on the consistency required to deliver the services included and the confidence that our clients will offer their Attendees an experience of professionalism with a human aura.


Corporate Events

Corporate events are a key pillar of companies and are organized for two important reasons. The extroversion of the company through communication for the evolution, the achievement of its goals and its future plans to its direct or indirect partners and clients and rewarding its human resources.

Attend designs, implements and proposes a range of services that integrate fully with the needs that will meet both of the aforementioned reasons for a corporate event. Our ultimate goal and pursuit, if we are asked to do so, is to empower people to perform better through a series of activities that will contribute to the principle of “we can together” or “we can do better together” and ultimately help the company in achieving its goals.

Furthermore, Attend will also suggest even entertaining activities, within the context of the professionalism which characterizes an event, and ways of delivering corporate events, motivated by the empowerment of your company’s human resources with the absolute consistency, commitment and experience required for a one hundred percent successful.


Web Conferences

It is truly magical to discover that factors beyond our control, such as the pandemic, cannot stop the evolution but also the need of companies and their human resources, to share their know-how and experience for solutions, which will lead to their development and at the same time to crisis management.

Online conferences can be the easiest and at the same time the most difficult things to do. But it is certain, that using the right tools and dealing with them in the same way as those with physical presence is now a new era in the Conference community.

What we deliver:

  • Registration of interested parties on the platform.
  • Preparing and Sending the invitation to the interested parties.
  • Prepare and Send a reminder before the Conference to those interested.
  • Preparation of Informative-Advertising Video for the conference, based on the specifications of the organizing company.
  • Monitoring and support of speakers in case they are not connected to the platform on time.
  • Changing the roles of specific delegates to speakers to meet the needs of the conference and vice versa.
  • Image and audio editing.
  • Appearance of appropriate windows with the speakers and the organizer and coordinator of the conference of the company Operations Center.
  • View Legend with the sponsors during the conference at regular intervals.
  • Video views of the sponsors (they were ready by the sponsors).
  • Capture the entire conference on video.

Like a directed TV show of the Conference on Zoom or any platform. In this case, we install the equipment in a dedicated area where the Conference Coordinator is located and from there Conference’s flow and promotion takes place. Speakers appear in boxes with name and position of authority or service, reference is made to the content sessions.
A screening with a completely professional result and a remarkable conference experience.

After each event, ATTEND prepares, adapts and deliver to the organizing company, a number of reports as well as the Videos


Virtual Conferences

We are always at your disposal to deliver also our Virtual WEB Conference!

Holding a 2D and/or a 3D Conference which simulation in a physical Conference and includes a lobby, registration area, conference halls, coffee break and even a dinner table.