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Our collaboration with Attend at the recent Operations Center Web Conferences has been excellent. We managed to focus on our main goal, that of shaping a quality program and gathering a large number of delegates from major companies in the country, knowing that the part of invitations and registrations as well as the technical part were "in good hands". The professionalism and impeccable customer service to us, the speakers, the sponsors but also to our customers who needed support during their participation, were perfectly combined with our own principles, which led to a very good result.

Marilena Argyrou - OPERATIONS CENTER Managing Director

The people at Attend have the experience, knowledge and skills to run a conference perfectly. In addition, they showed speed and flexibility in adapting the conference to the demands of the pandemic. Attend has proven to be a valuable partner and we look forward to a long-term partnership with the company.

Stahis Alafris - AIS Partner


21/01/2021 - ATTEND is implementing the web conference “Health safety & environment 2021”