Alternative Tourism



Attend proposes a series of alternative forms of tourism that either alone or in combination with an event offer to the participants a special and unique experience.


Ecology, farming, local gastronomy, and the customs peculiar to a certain place; fresh air, simplicity, peace and warm hospitality: these are some of the benefits of agritourism, the par excellence version of travelling that brings you closer to Mother Earth and her children.

Wine Tours in Greece

Greek wine history follows the course of Greek history itself since very few nations of the world have the vineyard and wine “in their blood” as the Greeks do, from prehistoric times until today, based on documents, findings, records etc. Therefore the recordings of the cultivation of grapevines (viticulture) in Greece and its history, is probably the longest history in the world.

An association of Wine Roads was developed in Greece at the beginning of the 1990s. The association was created by wine producers in the regions of Macedonia and was then extended to Epirus, Thessaly and Thrace. Its main purpose has been the promotion of wine companies and the association’s regional members, while its specific targets have been the development of local tourism, the support of cultural heritage and the improvement of product quality and related services.

The Magic of Greece on foot

In order to know the soul of Greece, perhaps more so than in other countries, you really have to walk. The variations in the landscape, make each step interesting and transform each path you take into an unforgettable experience.

Some of the most popular trekking paths that can be enjoyed by any reasonably fit person on almost all the islands and mainland mountain ranges of Greece, with the international E4 and E6 paths standing out.

The E4 starts in Gibraltar and enters Greece at the Bulgarian border. It then crosses the country diagonally leading us to Gytheio, which lies 45 km south of Sparta, to be picked up again in Crete, where it runs from west to east, ending at Zakros. The E6 originates in Finland and enters Greece at Igoumenitsa in the northwest. It crosses Greece horizontally as far as Samothrace, where it ends on the summit of mount Fengari.

Photography tours in Greece

Unique excursions especially for photography lovers! Discover routes and perspectives through the eye of our experienced photographer. One-day excursions to Galaxidi, Nafplio and all-day walk in the corners of Athens. Trips from Athens to the northern tip of our country, on Lake Kerkini to capture with our cameras the wonderful nature of the place.